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Is It Safe Travel to Turkey

Turkey has fallen victim to a number of high-profile events this year, the most recent being an attempted coup on July 15-16. This situation is now calming, however, and flights to and from the country are retur ning to normal.
If you are planning a holiday to Turkey do not worried. There is no civil war or fight in Turkey.  Turkey is one the safest country in the World.  Turkey every year and the vast majority of these trips are completely trouble-free.
Following the failed coup, President Erdogan has announced a three-month state of emergency in Turkey. The state of emergency is not related to public or any tourists.  There are lots of tourists are in Turkey and they enjoy their visit to Turkey.

The FCO has advised that security operations are ongoing throughout the country but that the major coastal resorts do not appear to be significantly affected at present. If you are in Turkey or planning a holiday there soon, stay abreast of local news and follow the advice of local authorities. Travellers are also advised to carry a copy of their passport and e-visa at all times during the state of emergency.

The life and busines as usual with tourism continuing on as normal.