How many days need for Turkey Travel?

How many days will be enough to visit Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most interesting and attractive country for traveler. Many people in the world already been in Turkey or planning to visit Turkey. When they are planning to go Turkey, they are not sure how many days need for Turkey trip. If you are just looking for a nice beach and relaxing than you can easy to decide your time in Turkey. At least you need 10-12 days If you would like to visit historical site, museums, nature etc. of Turkey. Of course with 10-12 days time you will just have an idea about Turkey, honestly Turkey is a huge country and If you like to see everything, you should spend more than a month.

10-12 days time where should you go and visit in Turkey. Istanbul is number one place and minimum we suggest to spend 3 days in Istanbul. Second place is Cappadocia and at least spend in Cappadocia 1 night and 2 days. Pamukkale is another interesting place and just need one day. Ephesus also another must visit place in Turkey If you interest Greco-Roman ancient cities. Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris or Bodrum is a resort places in Turkey and you can enjoy beautiful beaches.

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