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There are many Destinations in the World for M.I.C.E  but there is no other place like Cappadocia.
Cappadocia is now ready and has full capacity of organising M.I.C.E .
If you like to organize the unique Events or organisation First Travel can happened for you. 
There are lots of Congress Venue options for your organisation. 

Why Cappadocia,
Cappadocia is a unique place with its fantastic, fairy tale, volcanic landscape.  It is a unesco world heritage site since 1985. It is a huge tourist attraction due to the unique landscape, rich historical background and a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Cappadocia in general, has abundance of good restaurants, pubs and bars and lots of additional activities to offer thanks to its being a major touristic centre.

You can take your go board and play at amazing places overlooking awe inspiring views; take moonlit walks in the amazing valleys or play guitar around campfire and enjoy the local wine.

For Families with children: There are many fun activities you can do with children in Cappadocia. You can go biking, hot air ballooning, hiking in nature, horseback riding, quad biking, treasure hunting, mountain or rock climbing, bird watching and more. The main hotel has a quite large pool and a separate pool for smaller kids. The valleys of Cappadocia are like a giant playground for kids of all ages with tunnels to explore, secret places to discover and chimneys to climb. And the big surprise: our team will have a treasure hunt going on which will take at least a whole week, few hours a day, which is a great adventure for kids and adults alike.

On the surface Cappadocia in summer looks dry. But In the valleys where there are small creeks running, rare flowers and interesting plants can be observed. Cappadocia is a perfect field trip for a geology class. You can observe the traces of all sorts of volcanic phenomena that took place 8 million years ago.

For people who like it calm and quiet: The crazy crowd of tourists will be in their buses all day visiting major sites and at their hotels enjoying buffets at nights. So the town centre is usually not crowded. But if you take a short walk or a bike ride in one of the valleys you will almost not meet another person for hours as bus tour people don’t like to walk around without their guides. And the main hotel is a little out of the town centre, 5 mins walking distance just enough to make it quiet and also easily accessible.
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