How is Turkey Tour during Ramadan Time?

Turkey Tour during Ramadan affects your plans?

Turkey Tour during Ramadan – Ramadan is a holy month in Muslim countries and is fasting time from sunrise to sunset for those who practise the religion. This period changes every year according to Moon calendar.
In Turkey all the restaurants, cafeterias and bars are open during Ramadan, so you do not need to worry about it.
All the excursions, tours and flights run regularly as well during this month.

You may even join a dinner on main squares organised by municipalities to know about this culture enjoying some traditional shows such as Karagoz and Hacivat who were typical characters in society of Imperial period to represent daily activities and daily speech, basically a puppet show behind a white curtain.
During Ramadan you have chance to taste ” pide” special kind of bread only served in this month.

Ramadan is a month where people invite each other to have dinner together and whealty people organize big diner in the cities especially for poor people.
Main objective of Ramadan is to thank to God for what we have and appreciate our conditions we can have and also make the stomach get rest during thirty days so very good for our health to reduce the amount of the food, it is a kind of detox.

After Ramadan is over, is also celebrated Ramadan Festival during which relatives are neighbors are visited offering Turkish delights or Turkish deserts like Baklava or Kadayif.
A lot of special food are prepaid at offer to visitors.

Children knock at the doors to collect candies from neighbours.

During this Festival couple of days is official holiday in Turkey, first day main bazaars like Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar in Istanbul may be closed but the other days you may visit