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Cappadocia Northern & Southern Tour | Travel Turkey 2023

Cappadocia, the land of fairy chimneys, is now famous all over the world. Its magnificent landscapes attract many tourists as if they stepped into another world. However, Cappadocia is not famous only with its amazing nature. Here is also the place to experience history and art of Byzantine period. Recognized for its outstanding universal value, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.

To discover this wonderland, we invite you to join two days tour to guide you the highlights of Cappadocia;

DAY 1: Northern Cappadocia Tour

  • Uchisar Castle
  • Goreme Open Air Museum
  • Avanos Town - Pottery Cave Workshop
  • Pasabag / Monks Valley
  • Devlent Valley / Imagination Valley
  • Turkish Traditional Carpet Factory


DAY 2: Southern Cappadocia Tour

You can check the details of Southern Cappadocia Tour from here. / Please click the name.


DAY1: Northern Cappadocia Tour

Our first tour is to know what Cappadocia is. By visiting the most Cappadocia–like places, learn about the origin and the rich history, enjoy beautiful arts, and experience traditional culture. Hope you can feel close to Cappadocia.

(Image Pictures) Left: Uchisar Castle, Middle: Open Air Museum, Right: Fresco in Dark Church at Open Air Museum / with an extra entrance fee

We will start with Uchisar Castle standing proudly at the highest point in Cappadocia. You may notice it on the way from the airport because it is a conspicuous rock mountain, the biggest fairy chimney. At here, your guide explains about interesting history of Cappadocia and its unique rock formations to make you more exciting for the tour.

After inflating your expectations, we take you to Open Air Museum. It contains the best rock-cut churches in Cappadocia and several monastic complexes. You will be impressed by beautiful frescoes inside of each church, mostly telling Jesus and bible histories. Their colors retain its original freshness, and interestingly their painting technique varies according to the time of the construction of churches. Definitely they are the masterpiece of Byzantine art in Cappadocia.

(Image Pictures) Left: Avanos Pottery Making, Middle/Right: Pasabag 

Next is Avanos town famous for its historical pottery making dating thousand years back to Hittites, the first civilization of Cappadocia. The potteries are made by natural red clay taken from The Red River flowing in this town. We will stop at one of cave workshop to see the traditional technique to make a pottery, Kick-Wheel technique. Use a foot driven spinning wheel to make it. It sounds easy, however, it takes many years to be a talented potter. You can challenge to make your own pottery, if you want to.

Now let’s go to walk right next to fairy chimneys. Pasabag is full of strange shaped rocks and the most spectacular in this area. They are not so big, but have wide bottom and dark brown color at the top parts. Like a mushroom!!  In ancient times some of multiple body and multiple head rocks were used to build chapels and seating areas for the monks. There was one monk called the miracle man, St. Simeon, who lived in this area. As a habitation of him, here is also called Monks Valley.

(Image Pictures) Left/Middle: Devrent Valley, Right: Carpet Making

We will continue to Devrent Valley, also known as Imagination Valley. Here, there are no rock-cut churches, ancient castles, or habitations. Then, what is interesting in here?? You can find fantasy fairy chimneys resembling animals or human figures. Among them, the camel-shaped rock is especially famous. There are some other shapes as well. A person says it looks like the Virgin Mary opens her hands, while another says it is Napoleon’s hat. Please imagine what it is. If you come with your child, it should be fun to play a finding game together.

Our last stop is at Turkish Handmade Carpet factory. Cappadocia is also famous for producing traditional carpets. You are going to learn the technique for creating world-class quality, double-knotted technique,  and to experience the charm of Turkish traditional crafts. Turkish carpets and rugs tell a story. It depends on how the carpet was made, by whom and with what intentions, where it was crafted. Not only the designs and colors, but also the story draws many people into the fascination of them. How about seeing different types of Turkish carpets while immersing yourself in their rich history.


Continue to Day 2: Southern Cappadocia Tour


  • The tour order and sites might be changed depending on the travel date and season.
  • This itinerary is for a group tour. If you want to have a private tour with an additional charge, please contact us for details. (Private tour means that the tour and the guide are only for you. Also you can change sightseeing spots as you like at the time of reservation.) 


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