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Cappadocia is one of the richest tracks in Turkey for those interested in hiking and climbing. There are countless caves, interesting earth, and natural beauties on each track in the geography of Cappadocia, where you can walk on different tracks during each visit. These tracks, where we can witness the transition of seasons at any time of the year, turn into peaceful escape routes with the impressive paradise of Cappadocia geography. Among the nature sports and excursions in Cappadocia, air balloon flight, valley tour, horse safari, mountain bike, and ATV safari are hot.

Trekking Routes in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, one of Turkey's most visited tourism centers, is known for its fairy chimneys, tuff valleys, and rock settlements, where interesting landforms were formed with the cooling of the lava and ashes that erupted from the volcanoes of the Erciyes and Hasan mountains millions of years ago. In the Cappadocia region, where there are many valleys, it is possible to walk on daily and several-day routes. The Cappadocia region, with its valleys of Ihlara, Pigeon, Lovers, Zemi, Red, Pasabag, Meskendir, Swords, Bozdag, Güzelyurt, Gomeda, and Devrent, located on the borders of Nevşehir, Kayseri and Aksaray provinces, is a paradise for hiking lovers.

1-Love Valley

This is one of the most famous places in Cappadocia. From sunrise to sunset, Love Valley offers a visual feast with sun lights. Giant fairy chimneys accompany the impressive nature view of canyons lined with vineyards and fruit trees in Love Valley. During the Love Valley walk, you will have the chance to closely experience the incredibly beautiful fairy chimneys shaped by nature.

2-Red Valley

We recommend that you enter the Red Valley, also known as the Red Valley, from the Ortahisar direction for hiking. Because if you enter from this side, you can easily start walking and walking from the upper parts of the valley, and you can reach the inner parts more easily from the hill. Red Valley, which contains all the characteristic features of Cappadocia, takes its name from these red tuff rocks. Especially during the sunset and sunrise, the color of the red tuff rocks begins to turn red. This offers a full feast in the valley in the first hours of the morning and the evening.

3- Pasabag Priests Valley

Pasabağ, one of the region's most famous and visited spots, is on the Göreme-Avanos road. Also known as Pasabag Priests' Valley, this place, as the name suggests, was used by monks as a hermitage and lived in history. There are also plenty of capped fairy chimneys, which stand out with their interesting formations. There is also a church in the valley, which we recommend that you do not return without visiting.

4- Meskendir Valley

The most important feature of the walk you will take in Meskendir Valley, which is 4400 meters long, is that it will take you to the exploration of the tunnels. While walking along the valley, you pass through the uniquely beautiful tunnels opened by nature and human hands. You descend towards the valley floor with the tunnels between the fairy chimneys. Don't let the steep path down to the valley startle you, as a wonderful hiking route will be waiting for you here. There is an exit to the left in the middle of the second tunnel, which is entered 200 meters after descending into the valley. Let us remind you that if you walk on the path that goes up after you leave here, you will reach the Meskendir Church after about 80 meters. About an hour after entering the valley, the Red Valley junction comes on the right. This point of separation is where those walking from the Red Valley descend to the Meskendir Valley. 10 minutes after this separation, you will pass by a chapel on the right, known as the 'Chapel of the Nameless', carved into a fairy chimney.

5-Zemi Valley

Zemi Valley is located in the east of Uçhisar and within the borders of Göreme-Open Air Museum. The 5600-meter-long valley between the starting point of the valley and Göreme is one of the trails that are quite suitable for trekking; You will have the privilege of observing bird species such as red hawk, kestrel, and black stork. If we compare this place with other valley walks, this trail is challenging for some. An adrenaline-filled walk awaits you, accompanied by the poplar trees and the beautiful birds of Cappadocia, as if passing through a deep canyon.

6- Valley of the Swords

 Valley of the Swords track, which starts from Göreme Open Air Museum, ends in Çavuşin village. This 45-minute track is a route that walking lovers can complete without much difficulty. You can easily find your direction as there are markings along the track.

7- Bozdag Valley

The defining feature of the Paşabağ - Bozdağ Valley trek is that it allows you to wander around the highest points. You will love this route where you can watch all of Cappadocia from a bird's eye view while completing the track where you can enjoy walking on high by stepping on the upper plateaus where nature sprinkles fairy chimneys.

8- Pigeon Valley

A little nature, a little life. You will discover one of the visual feasts of fairy chimneys, which come to life in the formations offered by nature, with every step you take in Pigeon Valley. During your walk in the Pigeon Valley, you will have the opportunity to closely explore the pigeon houses that the ancient inhabitants of Cappadocia carved out of the fairy chimneys a few centuries ago. The valley will greet you with its trees, flowers, and experiences and will send you off with its church at the end of the valley.

9- Ihlara Valley

Ihlara is another of the most fabulous valleys of Cappadocia. This is perhaps just one of the points that will fascinate you the most. Also known as the second largest canyon in the world, Ihlara Valley has a length of approximately 15 kilometers and a depth of 100 meters in places. This valley, where nature once again amazes human beings, is also mentioned in the sources as the place where Christianity spread to Anatolia. The fact that there are countless churches and monasteries in the valley proves this.

10- Devrent Valley

Also known as the Valley of Dreams. Let's explain why it is also called the Valley of Dreams. The image resembling a sitting camel in Cappadocia photographs always catches the eye. Here is that sitting camel-like formation here. This place has a very different place among the valleys of Cappadocia and the name Dreams Valley comes from this difference. The fairy chimney formations here are so different that everyone who comes to the valley compares these shapes to different living things and objects.

11-Gomeda Valley

Gomeda Valley, located to the west of Mustafapaşa in Cappadocia, is called the small equivalent of Ihlara Valley. Just like in Ihlara Valley, there are rock-hewn churches, shelters, and a river running through the valley in Gomeda Valley. Gomeda Valley, also called Devil's Creek, is a pleasant route with its hollows, tunnels, and dovecotes.

12- Guzelyurt Valley

Güzelyurt, one of the region's best-preserved historical textures, is an old Greek town. Güzelyurt, where most of the population consisted of Greeks until 1924, is one of the centers where population change occurred after the population exchange. Greek churches and monasteries are a pleasant stop for those visiting Cappadocia. The walking route, which starts from the Red Church, lasts for 10 km and ends at the Yuksel Church, on the shore of the Güzelyurt Pond. Along the route, Kalburlu Church, Kömürlü Church, Cafarlar Church, and Koç Church are among the places to see.



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