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Southern Cappadocia Tour

With our second tour, southern Cappadocia tour, we will guide you to popular scenic points where you could not visit on Northern Tour, and Underground City. Enjoy the miraculous spectacle created by nature and amazing sights of the ancient World.

DAY 1: Nothern Cappadocia Tour

You can check the details of Northern Cappadocia Tour from here / Please click the name.

DAY 2: Southern Cappadocia Tour

  • Goreme Panorama
  • Red / Rose Valley
  • Cavusin Villeage
  • Love Valley
  • Underground City
  • Pigeon Valley
  • Onyx Factory


(Image Pictures) Left: Goreme Panorama, Middle/Right: Red Valley

Our tour is started with Goreme Panorama which is the panoramic viewpoint overlooking the land of fairy chimneys and Goreme village surrounded by natural rocks. For your information, this site is popular for tourists to watch countless balloons floating in the sky over fairy chimneys. It takes about 5-10 minutes from the end of Goreme by walking. If you have a chance to visit there when they are flying, you can enjoy different atmosphere and dreamlike landscape.

Then, please get ready for about 1 hour hiking. We are going to enjoy walking at Red Valley and Rose Valley, and head to Cavusin village, one of the ancient settlement of the region. These valleys are not the fairy chimney view, but another peculiar landscape of Cappadocia. As the name indicates, beautiful crimson colored rock formations create the breathtaking scenery.  Depending on how the sun shines, the valley changes its appearance from a light pinkish grey to peachy orange, and you can feel the wonders of nature. For another fun, we will discover local farms, pigeon houses carved in rock and cave chapels where you cannot come by motorized vehicles which are forbidden in this area to protect the natural beauty.

(Image Pictures) Left: Love Valley, Middle: Imaginary Picture of Underground City, Right: Underground City

After arriving at Cavusin village, we will take our car and go to Love Valley. Here is becoming popular among tourists especially couples for marriage proposals as a power spot for love. You will be impressed by a bit funny landscape. There are many tall and thin rock structures of mushroom-like shape which can reach heights of 30m. This is the land presented by mother nature.

Next we will visit at Underground City, which was built by carving from the soft volcanic stone and connected with each other by narrow tunnels. There are more than 200 underground cities in the Cappadocia region, and the oldest one dates back to 7-8th centuries BC. It is believed that the Christian community fleeing persecution from the Roman Empire and Arabs used as a refuge. You will explore this mysterious city through narrow and sloping passages (sometimes need to stoop and walk slowly), and you will find its stables, cellars, storage areas, refectories, and churches. This small adventure makes you feel like you have gone back to that time.

(Image Pictures)Left/Middle: Pegeon Valley, Right: Apples made of Onyx

Our Cappadocia tour is nearing its end, but before that we want to show you the one more amazing view from Pigeon Valley and stop at Onyx factory to introduce you another traditional handicraft.

Pigeon Valley takes its name from the myriad of artificial pigeon houses carved into the rocky mountain by ancient inhabitants around 9th century. Pigeons were an integral part of their life to use the eggs as filling material for the frescos and the droppings as fertilizers for the regions’ grape-yards and farms. This valley offers you outstanding landscape over Cappadocia’s natural land together with Uchisar Castle. Also there is a specialty tree decorated with many Nazar Bonjou which is talisman to protect oneself from evil eyes and attracts visitors as a photo spot.

At onyx factory, you will see a demonstration on carving and shaping gemstones into decorative objects and jewelries. Cappadocia has the onyx mines and it is crafted by local artisans. For your reference, its quality is determinded by its color; green is the best quality followed by beige. It will be an interesting experience to watch the process how the hard stone is cut, shaped, and polished to become only one item in the world.


This is all for our 2days Cappadocia tour.

These two tours show you places that are particularly popular with tourists. However, these sites are not all. There are many other attractions in Cappadocia, such as Ihlara Valley, Selime Monastery, Cappadocia winery, Ortahisar… this is never going to end. If you have another interesting place to visit, which is not in the tour, please feel free to contact us. We will offer you another group tour going your desired places or arrange the private tour for you.  Make a best trip for you!


  • The tour order and sites might be changed depending on the travel date and season.
  • This itinerary is for a group tour. If you want to have a private tour with an additional charge, please contact us for details. (Private tour means that the tour and the guide are only for you. Also you can change sightseeing spots as you like at the time of reservation.) 

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