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When you make a plan for your trip, what is the first thing to think about?

Definitely destinations!!

Well then,  where do you want to go in Turkey? There are many interesting places, such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, and so on. What is famous there? You may not know how to get there. Which hotel is a good place to stay…? How to book transportation from one city to another inside of Turkey…? There are many questions coming up to your mind and you may have a sigh.

Don’t you think it is very convenient if everything is ready in one package!?

We, Travel Turkey, are the local travel agency in Turkey. We offer you and help you with many varieties of tour packages, which cover tourists’ favorite sightseeing places, and also include transportation, hotel and sightseeing tours. Prices are set up with very reasonable. Why?? It is because we have strong trust relationship with people cooperated for these package tours . We have been working with them more than 10years and have built a essential trust. This allows us to reduce basic price and to provide reliable services recommended with confidence.

Here is one example of our tour package with its ititenary. Let’s check it.

【6 days Turkey Tour Package】

Day 1: Arrival at Istanbul from your country and Transfer to Hotel

After you arrive at Istanbul airport, we will pick you up and take you to hotel in Istanbul.

(including;  Airport transfer, Hotel)

Day 2&3: Visit Cappadocia and Join Cappadocia Sightseeing Tour

From your hotel in Istanbul, we will send you to airport to take a flight to Cappadocia. At Cappadocia, you will join sightseeing tours for 2days.

(including; Flight ticket, Airport transfer, Hotel for 2nights, Breakfast, Lunch, Guided tour)

Day4:  Move to Pamukkale  from Cappadocia

You will go to Pamukkale by a car. After arriving there, we will take you to your hotel.

(including; Transportation from Cappadocia to Pamukkale, Hotel, Breakfast)

Day5: Join Pamukkale & Hiearapolis Sightseeing Tour

From your hotel, our guide will take you to full day tour of Pamukkale & Hiearapolis. After the tour, we will take your hotel in Kusadasi.

(including; Hotel, Breakfast, Lunch, Guided tour)

Day6: Join Ephesus Sightseeing Tour & Fly back to Istanbul

In this day, you will join Ephesus tour from morning. After the tour, we will take you to airport to go to Istanbul by plane. Upon arrival at Istanbul airport, we will pick you up and take you to hotel in Istanbul. (End of our package tour)

(including; Flight ticket, Airport transfer, Breakfast, Lunch, Guided tour)

What do you think about this package tour?? All your need in Turkey is already set up in this one package! Once you arrive at Turkey, you do not need to worry about anything. Just enjoy!!

Of course, it is possible to arrange your package according to your requests.

For example…. You want ….

to have a longer package tour, to visit another cities additionally, want to change cities on itinerary,  to have a free time during trip, to join city tours or activity tours, and so on…

When you have any questions about your trip to Turkey, don’t hesitate and please contact with us.

But you may wonder whether this travel agency is trust worth or not. You are right. Of course, you do not know about any Turkish travel agencies and cannot compare with us.

So, please let us introduce ourselves to you at last.

We belong to ANDOROMEDA ORGANIZATION TOURISM TRADE LTD.STI., which is fully licensed with TURSAB. What is TURSAB?? It is an official license to operate turism legally in Turkey and only given to the company that ensures both safety and welfare of tourists. The reputation and active work of ANDOROMEDA agency have been awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism since 2005 and by TripAdvisor since2014, and continue to be awarded today.

Please rely on us with peace of mind. We will do our best to support your holiday in Turkey. We are happy to help you anytime to make your vacation special!

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